Electrical Actuators

Type VT+

Compact electrical actuator, Type VT+, for quarterturn & halfturn movement and modulating.All in Aluminium in grey colour as standard.

Multi voltage, single multipin connector, Fail safe function & 3-position function, pulse control and bluetooth are some of the features of the VT+ actuator.

Thanks to its Bluetooth® connection, it is possible to know the status of the actuator in real time, to set-up and localy control it, whether visible or not and even when concealed. Its weekly timer function
allows the actuator to be fully independent with up to 20 repeatable tasks.
Every actuator has a pre-wired connector, it simplifies the electrical lockout during maintenance or modification operations.

The actuators comply fully with all the relevant industry standards for interfaces and connections such as ISO 5211, DIN 3337, VDI/VDE 3845 and NAMUR.
Type VR, VS & VT are CSA-UL approved
Enclosure certified: CSA Nema 4X, LCIE IP66

Data sheet Technical summary IOM

Electrical Actuators type VT+

movement 0 – 90⁰

Standard Range

Model Connection Square Op.time Power Torque Nm Kg Part No
VT+600 F10, F12 36 38s 250W 600 **
VT+1000 F10, F12 36 38s 250w 1000 **
VT+1500 F12, F16* 46 113s 250W 1500
VT+2400 F12, F16* 46 113s 250w 2400

* Also available with single drilling F14
** Part numbers depending on voltage supplies & operating times


Code Options
VT-MARINE Marine coating Size 600-1000Nm
VT-MARINE Marine coating Size 1500-2400Nm